Livio Viggo Lilli
Nylandsveien 20
5039 Bergen,Norway
Tlf:468 99 097


1986 – 1989:Hairdressers education.
1995 –1997:Product design,University College of Akershus. Norway
1997 – 1998:Product design &product development,University College of Akershus,Norway
1998 – 1999:Study of ceramics,National Center of Ceramics,Le CNIFOP. France
1998 – 1999:Worked in the studios of the french ceramic artists Christine Viennet and Charlotte Paulsen.

Set up my own workshop in Bergen in 1999,Norway

Joint exhibitions

2001:Høvik art association,Gallery H-11. Norway
2001:Prix de la ville Caoruge,Switzerland
2004:Saint quentin la poterie. First european exhibition of ceramic arts,France
2004:Gold coast international,Australia
2005:Gallery Trallala “ splash” Nordheimsund,Norway
2006:City Hall of Hufingen,Deuchland
2007:Kapfenberg 2007 “ illusions” Austria
2007:Gallery Giga,Stord,Norway
2008:Keramik symposium Gemunden,Austria
2008:IXth international ex-tempore of ceramics,Piran. Slovenia
2009:Where have all the flowers gone,Tistedal,Norway
2010:Blowing in the wind,Halden,Norway
2011:20 years jubilee exhibition,Gallery G,Førde,Norway

2011:Political and social Art Exhibition. Infinity Art Gallery ( winner of the Director`s  choise  award)

2013:30 x 30 Gallery wox. Bergen. Norway

2014:Olsvik Exhibition 2014. Bergen ,Norway

Separate exhibitions

2006:Bærum Arts &craft. Norway
2008:Gallery Vedholmen. Norway

2012:  Gallery Oz,Norway




2011:Winner of the Director`s choise award. Political and social Art exhibit,Infinity art Gallery. International competition.

2014:3 Place for ceramics,The Art Buss 2014 Collection,Florida,USA


Public decorations

2008 The hospital of Telemark. Norway

Travels abroad

2009:International Ceramics Festival,Aberystwyth,Wales
2008:Art in clay,Ceramics Festival,Hatfield house ,England
2006:Arts and crafts market,Hüfingen,Germany
2005:International Ceramics Festival,Aberystwyth, Wales
2003:Earth &fire,Ceramics Festival,Rufford Craft Centre,England
2003:International Ceramics Festival,Aberystwyth,Wales
2001:Ceramics exhibition,Carouge,Switzerland
2001:Ceramics exhibition,Faenza,Italy