One of the few things that i remember from my years in primary school, is a ceramic course that was held under the direction of the school. At this point, my collection of work consisted of a kind of slabwork, depicting smiling faces. I signed up for these courses several years in a row, but even though my teacher showed us cups and ashtrays, I just continued to make these smiling faces of clay.

Later, when I was in secondary school, there was a teacher who mastered the skill of throwing clay, and one day I watched him throw a large bowl. This magic moment burned stuck in my memory, and I am deeply indebted to this teacher, for influencing me to apply for the productdesign study, many years later. Here I chose clay as my main material. ( At this school, I worked round the clock, and I loved it. Here we had wonderful teachers, teachers who had no definitive answers, but who encouraged us to try out anything

After three years in this school, I went to France to study for a year at le CNIFOP, a study that focused on throwing clay. Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye is centrally located in an area that has a long tradition for producing pottery, not far from la Borne ( ), which is reknowned for its international community of ceramists. During this year, I also worked for a period of time in the studio of some french potters, like Charlotte Poulsen and Christine Viennet. After completing my education, I set up my first workshop together with ceramist Kjersti Olsen, in Bergen in 1999.cialis 20 mg